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on November 11, 2016

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This week we have had 2 visitors into school.

On the 10.11.16 we had a person from the army called major bass and had a question and answer session, it was really interesting and we enjoyed listening to her.

On the 11.11.16 at worship we had a visitor who is a Chelsea pensioner called Terry. Some people asked him questions. His uniform was scarlet and he had 2 medals, it looked really impressive. When he’s at the hospital he wears a blue, cosy suite and saves the scarlet uniform for special occasions.

In class we learnt about Chelsea pensioners and made a google slide. We also made our own poppy wreath for remembrance.

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  1. linda king says:

    Ashley told me about the special visitors that came into School today what a lovely thing to do and I expect the Chelsea Pensioners enjoyed it too

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