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Stone Age day

on October 20, 2016

The children have had a brilliant day today learning all about the Stone Age.

This morning we heard about an important person called the Amesbury Archer. Archaeologists believe he may have been one of the first people to work with metal in Britain. Then we became archaeologists ourselves and handled ancient objects that were up to 30 thousand years old.

In the afternoon we looked at what the Amesbury Archer may have worn and then tried on our own Stone Age clothes. We all touched a gigantic mammoth tooth that was at least 17,000 years old!

We then  created a Stone Age board game called ‘Surviving the Stone Age’ and played it. (boys Vs girls)

Salisbury museum were fantastic and all of the children learnt a lot about life in the stone age.

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These hand axes are approximately 30,000 years old!


This blue stone was a tool used to shape Stonehenge,  later on it formed part of the base that held up the stones.

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