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Science week 2016

on March 18, 2016

Our theme for Science week was space. We have looked at outdoor space, habitats, animals and photos from earth and space.

To start the week we got cards with animals and sorted them into groups.

IMG_3826 IMG_3827 IMG_3828 IMG_3829 IMG_3831 IMG_3830 IMG_3833 IMG_3834 IMG_3836 IMG_3835 IMG_3837

Then we investigated what habitats we had in school such as wood chip, bark, long grass, trees and moss.


IMG_3838 IMG_3846 IMG_3843 IMG_3848

Then we went on a bug hunt to see which insects lived in which habitat. We used bug pots, nets, magnifying glasses  and identification keys to help.

IMG_3905 IMG_3923 IMG_3924

We tried an experiment, we put warm, soapy water on a non grass area and it successfully brought out the worms. Some were tiny and some were humongous!

IMG_3926 IMG_3928 IMG_3849 IMG_3881 IMG_3890 IMG_3883

Lastly we had Mr Mills in to talk about technology and engineering. He brought a special camera that is used by the army. We learnt a lot. Then we looked looked at photos taken from the ground and in space.

IMG_3934 IMG_3944 IMG_3943 IMG_3939 IMG_3949 IMG_3948 IMG_3950 IMG_3966 IMG_3965 IMG_3967 IMG_3969

We’ve had a lovely science week. My favourite bit was the bug hunt, I liked looking at them.

Blog written by James Dewey and Mrs Crompton.

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