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Kings Royal Hussars

We had a fantastic afternoon with the KRH. We enjoyed a range of activities from assault courses to looking at tanks to completing a drill.


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The big workout

We had a fantastic afternoon on Wednesday 7th October raising money for the NSPCC. If you have any sponsors, please collect your money over the weekend.


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Dance week

The children have worked really hard this week creating an Egyptian dance. We performed it to Jupiter class who were very impressed.

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I have had a few requests from parents that are new to KS2 to clarify the homework routines.

In Saturn class we set a weekly spelling homework and one additional piece of homework. This homework is given on a Monday and is expected to be handed in on a Friday (occasionally there will be a 2 week time limit if a longer project is set). As a school we decided  that this allowed children to get used to the routine of homework and encouraged weekends to be free for extra-curricular activities. These 2 pieces of homework should take  approximately 30 minutes each and if you feel that your child has spent long enough then please feel free to annotate their work indicating the time taken.

By the end of year 4 the new national curriculum states that a child meeting age related expectations will be able to recall all multiplication and division facts up to 12 x12. Therefore we have weekly multiplication tests called speedy tables. Each week the children are asked 60-70 questions and have 4 minutes to answer as many as possible, the aim is that each week they improve on their previous score, so they may be on the same times table for several weeks at a time. A good website to help learn times tables is

At Appleshaw we value reading and know that good readers make good writers, we therefore encourage children to read regularly by either using bug club or completing reading challenges. There are incentives for the children to complete their reading challenge but there are no time limits on how long it takes children to complete these.

Every child in the school has a mathletics account, with the aim that they score 1000 points a week, if they achieve this they are rewarded with a special sticker; however we understand that some weeks will be busy and they won’t make this target.

This may seem like a lot but the only mandatory items are the spelling and maths/literacy item, everything else can just be done as and when you have a few spare minutes. I hope this has helped to clarify things, please feel free to make an appointment if you have any further questions.


Mrs Crompton

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