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Nativité Français

With the help of Mrs Lock we put on a French nativity for Jupiter Class, the children performed brilliantly and every word was in French.

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Saturn class visit Butser Ancient Farm

Butser Ancient Farm 

On the 15th of December  Saturn class went to Butser Farm for a school trip, in South Downs National Park. We went there because we were learning about pre-history. At school we had learnt about how the stone age evolved into the iron age. We had a visitor from Salisbury Museum who came and talked to us about the Amesbury Archer who was around in the bronze age and we got to hold artefacts that were 10.000 years old like hand axes and stones. We also got to dress up.

At Butser we had two tour guides who we did different activities with. Our activities were Celtic metal jewellery making, spinning wool, feeding the Viking sheep, seeing the pot-bellied pigs (some people got to feed them apple cores that they had eaten earlier), weaving hazel to make fences and chalk carving. We had our own roundhouse where we ate our lunch. The roundhouse had a fire in the middle so it was really smoky and quite dark.

After all of our activities we had a fun ride home on the coach. We had a great time at Butser Farm; it was awesome! Mine and Tom’s  favourite activity was weaving the hazel sticks through the big chunky sticks; this was an ancient fence making technique called wattling.  

                                                                                              By Tom and Leah


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Dance week December 2014

This week the children have been learning rock and roll dance moves, they learnt a set sequence together and then created a short sequence in a small group. We showed our work to Jupiter class who were impressed with our moves!


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