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Maple has talent!

We really enjoyed the talent show this afternoon. Well done to all the children who took part.

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La nativité

The children have been working very hard in their French sessions with Mrs Lock to learn a French Nativity. They performed it to Oak class this afternoon who were very impressed with their accents and acting skills.

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Story teller

This morning we were lucky enough to have a story teller in school. The children listened well to and enjoyed hearing festive themed stories .

img_6263 img_6264 img_6265

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Yesterday afternoon we had a fantastic rugby festival organised by our captains and vice captains. There was lots of lovely team work and the children worked really hard and developed their rugby skills.

Congratulations to discovery team for coming first and thank you to George, Charley, Leah, Jonty, Bella and Oliver W for organising.

img_6184 img_6194 img_6195 img_6214 img_6226 img_6227 img_6228 img_6229 img_6230 img_6231 img_6232 img_6233 img_6235 img_6236 img_6248 img_6252 img_6253 img_6256

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Dance week

This week the children have been working really hard on their dancing skills as we rehearsed and performed a street dance. img_6121 img_6122 img_6125 img_6127 img_6128 img_6130 img_6132 img_6133 img_6134 img_6135 img_6136 img_6137 img_6138 img_6139

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paralympian visit

Today we had a special visitor who was a Paralympian. His name was Dave Henson and he got bronze in the 200m event at the Rio 2016 Paralympics.

He also brought in his gold invictus games medal. In 2014 Dave worked with Prince Harry to organise the first invictus games for injured service men and women because he lost his legs in Afghanistan when he was in the army.

We thought Dave was inspirational and amazing and he gave us a description of his life and answered lots of our questions. He also let us hold his medals and the Paralympic medal made a noise like a rattle.

By James

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Blog written by James Dewey



: img_4630 img_4632img_4633

This week we have had 2 visitors into school.

On the 10.11.16 we had a person from the army called major bass and had a question and answer session, it was really interesting and we enjoyed listening to her.

On the 11.11.16 at worship we had a visitor who is a Chelsea pensioner called Terry. Some people asked him questions. His uniform was scarlet and he had 2 medals, it looked really impressive. When he’s at the hospital he wears a blue, cosy suite and saves the scarlet uniform for special occasions.

In class we learnt about Chelsea pensioners and made a google slide. We also made our own poppy wreath for remembrance.

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Martial arts world

The children had a lovely time with the staff from martial arts world. They tried really hard and learnt lots of new skills.






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Spelling homework

The children have a new homework book to practise their spellings in.

Each week I will print them a list of spellings on a look, say, cover, write, check sheet. The idea is that they fill this in each day.

At the front of the book are some tips and ideas on how to learn spellings, so if there are any spellings that they are struggling with they can use this to help.

Please make sure that they have their homework books in on a Monday so that they can get the next set of words.

As they have only been given spellings today, they have until Monday 14th November to learn their current list.

If you have any questions or queries please let me know.

Thanks for your support.

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Stone Age day

The children have had a brilliant day today learning all about the Stone Age.

This morning we heard about an important person called the Amesbury Archer. Archaeologists believe he may have been one of the first people to work with metal in Britain. Then we became archaeologists ourselves and handled ancient objects that were up to 30 thousand years old.

In the afternoon we looked at what the Amesbury Archer may have worn and then tried on our own Stone Age clothes. We all touched a gigantic mammoth tooth that was at least 17,000 years old!

We then  created a Stone Age board game called ‘Surviving the Stone Age’ and played it. (boys Vs girls)

Salisbury museum were fantastic and all of the children learnt a lot about life in the stone age.

img_5902 img_5910 img_5912 img_5913 img_5914 img_5916 img_5918 img_5919 img_5920 img_5922 img_5923 img_5924 img_5930

img_5874 img_5875 img_5876 img_5877 img_5878 img_5879 img_5880 img_5881 img_5882 img_5884 img_5885 img_5886 img_5887 img_5888 img_5889 img_5891 img_5893


These hand axes are approximately 30,000 years old!


This blue stone was a tool used to shape Stonehenge,  later on it formed part of the base that held up the stones.

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